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From Á quetë! - Come and chat! (mostly at the Opelë)
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 1
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 2
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 3
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 4
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 5
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 6
I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë - 7
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From Á cenda! - Read with us!
Sci-fi/Fantasy Books! What are you reading? - 1
Sci-fi/Fantasy Books! What are you reading? - 2

From Lindë ar Carmë! - Fine Arts Discussion!
Tolkien Art!

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The Library
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The Doom of Mandos
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In this section you can view some of the old pages (which we've saved as html versions) from the message board we used to run, to get a fair idea of what we used to talk about.
Note: the links within the pages don't work any more. Come back here for the menu instead.

"The Hall of Fire"
is where you find "I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë" (or "The New Tea House", affiliated with the Opelë at Minas Tirith), which used to be the Inn where we could meet over a cup of tea to talk about anything and everything.
This is also the place where we used to talk about other literature than just Tolkien's writings - although we still kept mostly to Science Fiction and Fantasy.
We even talked about other art forms than just literature.

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