Athrabeth na Dorthonion
Discussion at Dorthonion - snippets from "The Library" at our old Message Board

From The Hobbit
The Hobbit Reading Group - Chapter 1 - An Unexpected Party
The Hobbit Reading Group - Chapter 2 - Roast Mutton

From The Silmarillion
Who is your favorite Elven King in The Silmarillion? - 1
Who is your favorite Elven King in The Silmarillion? - 2
Songs of power : of Finrod ... and Sauron ?

From History of Middle Earth
Favorite Parts of the HoME?

From Lambi Eldarinwa
Quenya or Sindarin? - 1
Quenya or Sindarin? - 2

Other parts of the old Message Board
The Meeting Hall
The Hall of Fire
The Doom of Mandos
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In this section you can view some of the old pages (which we've saved as html versions) from the message board we used to run, to get a fair idea of what we used to talk about.
Note: the links within the pages don't work any more. Come back here for the menu instead.

"The Library"
is where we had our literary discussions. We started a Reading Group for The Hobbit - and we made a poll (in the "Lambi Eldarinwa" - or "The Languages of the Elves" - section) to see which was our favorite Elvish language.
(Elvish is not a language, you know - it's a group of languages.)

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