Athrabeth na Dorthonion
Discussion at Dorthonion - snippets from our old Message Board

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Old Forum index page

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The Library
The Meeting Hall
The Hall of Fire
The Doom of Mandos

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Dorthonion used to have a message board, or a discussion forum, but we're not running it any more. In this section you can view snippets from some of the old pages (which we've saved as html versions).

"Old opening page" shows what the index page of the forum used to look like.

"The Library" is where we used to have our literary discussions.
"The Meeting Hall" includes the "Quentanyárila" (or "Story Telling"), and was also the section where new members could introduce themselves.
"The Hall of Fire" is where you find "I Vinya Cuiveyulda Opelë", the Inn where we could talk about anything and everything. In other parts of the Hall we could talk about literature in general or even other art forms.
"The Doom of Mandos" used to be the administrative section of the forum.

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