About Findaráto
Finrod and Amarie
(detail from picture by Alice i Angel Falto)

Name on Dorthonion.net - Findaráto
E-mail - findarato@dorthonion.net
Gender - Female
Birthdate - 23 July 1978
Education - High School Diploma - Madison Consolidated High School (1996)
Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) - Indiana University Southeast (2007)
Master of Arts (Irish History and Politics) - University of Ulster (In Progress)
Current Occupation (2008) - Student
Current Location (2008) - Northern Ireland
Introduction to Tolkien - I first discovered Tolkien in 2001 when I (reluctantly) went with a brother and his friend to see The Fellowship of the Ring. I loved the movie, and went out and bought the book. By the time the second movie came out, I had gone from a movie-lover to a bit of a book-purist. So it goes.
Favorite Work by Tolkien - Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth. As for the books, I like The Silmarillion (despite its faults) best. I'm not a big fan of The Hobbit.
Favorite Character in Lord of the Rings - Gildor. Seriously. I just couldn't get any sort of emotional connection with any of the others.
Favorite Character in The Silmarillion - Fëanor and Finrod.
Favorite Member of the Fellowship - Sam.
Favorite Quote from Lord of the Rings -
"'But it is not your own Shire,' said Gildor. 'Others dwelt there before hobbits were; and others will dwell here again when hobbits are no more. The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.'"
~ Three Is Company
Favorite Quote from The Silmarillion -
"Then many quailed; but Fëanor hardened his heart and said: 'We have sworn, and not lightly. This oath we will keep. We are threatened with many evils, and treason not least; but one thing is not said: that we shall suffer from cowardice, from cravens or the fear of cravens. Therefore I say that we will go on, and this doom I add: the deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song until the last days of Arda.'"
~ Of the Flight of the Noldor
and (I can't pick just one) -
"And Felagund seeing that he was forsaken took from his head the silver crown of Nargothrond and cast it at his feet, saying: 'Your oaths of faith to me you may break, but I must hold my bond. Yet if there be any on whom the shadow of our curse has not yet fallen, I should find at least a few to follow me, and should not go hence as a beggar that is thrust from the gates.' There were ten that stood by him; and the chief of them, who was named Edrahil, stooping lifted the crown and asked that it be given to a steward until Felagund's return. 'For you remain my king, and theirs,' he said, 'whatever betide.'"
~ Of Beren and Lúthien
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