The Children of Finarfin

The Children of Arafinwë

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Finarfin - or, to use his Quenya name, Arafinwë - became the ruler of the Noldor in Valinor. He had four children (or five, according to the earlier version, used in The Silmarillion - but in here we support Tolkien's final version instead, where Orodreth is the son of Angrod, not his brother). His children all joined the Exile.

In The Silmarillion, their Sindarin names are used: Finrod, Angrod, Aegnor and Galadriel. Their Quenya names are Findaráto, Angaráto, Aikanáro and Artanis.

Findaráto became lord of Nargothrond. He left his beloved Amarië behind in Valinor, and had no wife in Middle-earth. He was killed when he killed the werewolf in Sauron's pits and saved Beren's life.

Angaráto (and Aikanáro) lived in the hills of Dorthonion. Angaráto's wife Eldalote presumably went with him to Middle-earth. He fell in the Battle of Sudden Flame (Dagor Bragollach).

Aikanáro loved the mortal woman Andreth, whom he had met "in the morning upon the high hills of Dorthonion" and again until "that last evening by the water of Aeluin". For her sake, he took no wife of his own kindred. He also fell in the Battle of Sudden Flame.

Artanis stayed for a long while with her husband Celeborn in Doriath, and was the only one of Finarfin's children to survive the First Age and to move east of the Blue Mountains. Artanis is not the Quenya version of Galadriel. Artanis was her father name, while Galadriel was a later name which her husband gave her, and the name she chose to use afterwards.

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