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'But why dost thou say 'mere words'? Do not words overpass the gulf between one life and another? Between thee and me surely more has passed than empty sound?' ~Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth
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Role Playing Games (RPG's) - F.A.Q.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:04 am    Post subject: Role Playing Games (RPG's) - F.A.Q. Reply with quote

Role playing games are popular on most Tolkien websites that I've visited, and I must say that they are one of my very favorite parts about being a member of a Tolkien messageboard - that is, when things go smoothly.

Every RPG will by necessity have its own rules, but here are a few general guidelines to keep everyone happy.


    1. First and most important rule - listen to the the threadmaster. They will be the one guiding the RPG, making up the rules, and being the creative mastermind. You can be sure that the Admin Team is watching all the RP discussion threads, and knows the rules of each RP. If the Admin has a problem with one of these rules, they will contact the threadmaster. So don't try coming to us if you don't like the threadmaster's rules - chances are if the rules are there, we've approved them, and by default we're going to side with the threadmaster.

    2. Don't try to take over every RP you're in. Your character isn't always going to be the lead character. You're not going to be needed to post every day. Not every character cares about what your character is doing. Don't push your character in where they don't belong.

    3. Don't get angry if another character doesn't respond the way you want them to respond. Other people don't always respond according to your script in real life, either. Wink This is one of the fun things about RP - never knowing what comes next. If you want to control all characters, maybe you should write a Fan Fiction instead?

    4. Not all characters are going to like your character. That doesn't necessarily mean that the other RPer doesn't like you. Don't take it personally. Rows (between characters, that is) can be fun. Smile

    5. Take your time with your posts. This is about quality, not speed. You should try to have at least four or five lines (a nice paragraph) before posting. Try describing what your character is thinking, or what they're feeling, or what they're wearing, or where they are. There's plenty to talk about, and it also gives the other person more to reply to, keeping the RP more interesting.

    6. Watch your grammar and spelling. Nobody is perfect, of course, and even I make mistakes! Shocked But make an attempt. Read back over your posts before posting them. Remember, not everyone on this site is a native English speaker, and correct spelling and grammar makes everything far easier for them. And absolutely NO internet speak ('how r u', etc.).

    7. Stay in character. Don't have Elves saying 'woah, dude' or other anachronistic phrases. Stay consistent to your character sheet. If you said your character was shy then make them that way. Don't have them running off to talk to every person you can find.


    1. Every thread must have a Discussion Thread. All OOC discussion must go in this thread. Please link the discussion thread and the RPG thread together, so that it is easy to get from one to another.

    2. There are five different levels of RP, depending on the level of reading necessary to participate:
      Level 1 - Only knowledge of Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit (or both) is required.
      Level 2 - Knowledge of Level 1 + the Silmarillion is required.
      Level 3 - Knowledge Level 2 + the Unfinished Tales is required.
      Level 4 - Knowledge of Level 3 + the HoME is required (please specify which specific essays in the HoME people need to have read)
      Level 5 - Knowledge of all Tolkien texts, including some texts that might be quite obscure (be sure to specify these) is required.

    Please label both your Discussion thread and your RPG thread with this number, for instance: '[Level 5] A Memory Fair but Unfinished - RPG.'

    3. If a RP'er is causing trouble, please call them on it (nicely) in the discussion thread. If the trouble continues, please contact an admin - don't get into a flame war with them. The Admin can delete posts or edit posts and make everything nice again. Smile

    4. It is up to the Threadmaster to decide on the level of 'god-modding' allowed in a thread. ('God-modding' is when other characters, often the Thread Master, move, speak, or in other ways 'play' another person's character, often for the purpose of plot advancement.) Be sure this is stated clearly in the first post, as it may affect who joins your thread. Some people want a clearly led thread, while others don't want you touching their characters. Wink

    5. It is also up to the Threadmaster to approve or disapprove characters. Watch out for Mary Sues.

'But why dost thou say 'mere words'? Do not words overpass the gulf between one life and another? Between thee and me surely more has passed than empty sound?'
~Finrod, Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth

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